About Xaltry

We at Xaltry believe that future interactions between intelligent entities—be they humans, organization, software agents, or things—will only flourish if they are based on an open, secure, self-sovereign, decentralized reputation platform that contextually curates, connects, and completes those interactions.

The future internet of intelligences (IOI) will be critically dependent on this reputation meta-platform. We believe this will be a uniquely valuable application of AI and we are building it now.

The founder of Xaltry, Samuel M. Smith PhD, was a pioneer in the practical application of automated reasoning and computational intelligence in autonomous vehicle systems, network automation, and distributed intelligent systems. More recently he as done foundational work in end-to-end cryptographically secure communications. He architected the innovative blockchain based OpenReputation system and is the founding architect of what has now become the sovrin.org, open, self-sovereign, internet identity system.

We are building on this open foundation to provide reputation as a service via contextual intelligent reputation algorithms for specific business applications. ​